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With over 25 years experience in the arts in both commercial and subsidised sectors we offer bespoke consultancy services to organisations of all sizes. Recent examples of work carried out include Executive Director and Artistic Director Recruitment; Charity formation; Business planning; and Creative Producing lecturing. Please contact us for more details or with specific requests.
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With over 50 productions experience both here in the UK and Internationally, ESP is equipped and experienced to provide the General Management services that you require.

Services include:

  • Creative advice - with extensive experience in producing, ESP can advise and consult on creative decisions, including suggestions for key creative team appointments, casting, and other artistic decisions.

  • Project development - management and planning of all developmental processes.

  • Financial planning - preparation of production, operating and recoupment tables; oversee preparation of accounts, weekly P&L statements and forecasts; financial reporting including taxes, etc.; administration of the production payroll.

  • Contracts negotiation - negotiate and advise on deals and issue contracts for all creative team, including author, composer, lyricist, director, designers, casting director, and actors.

  • Press & marketing - advise on options for press and marketing representatives, and work closely with producers to plan and supervise campaigns.

  • Ticketing - advice on pricing strategy, including premium tickets and dynamic pricing, and oversee and report on sales and patterns.

  • Production management - with technical supervisor, oversee the production calendar, planning of design process and the bidding of all production elements.

  • General administration - immigration; insurance; union relationships; merchandising; investor relationships as appropriate; supervise running and maintenance of the production.
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If you are interested in investing in future projects with Empire Street Productions then please email